Here are freebie PDF coloring pages available to download and color!

If you post your colored images on social media, remember to tag me! I LOVE seeing how people interpret and color my pages. Here is how you can tag me in the following places:

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Siren of the Sea – A lovely mermaid plays her lute, is she lulling some sailors to their doom, or singing a beautiful song for all to enjoy?

Mia’s Magic – From INKtober 2016, a pen and ink piece of Mia, a character from an old story of mine.

Happy Halloween Kitty – A little something for the Halloween spirit.

Dragons – Two adorable dragons waiting for you to color them.

Flight and Magic – A young sorceress rides her dragon, enjoying the flight with the utmost joy.

Dragon Fae – She is part dragon, and part fairy, and all magic.