Samantha was born in Nuremburg, Germany (considered a US citizen born abroad) and grew up a military brat, moving around most of her childhood and into her teenage years. She has always doodled and drawn, and held a great love for storytelling, her inspiration coming from fantasy, mythology, and Disney. She graduated from college with a BA in Art, area of emphasis in Illustration in 2005, and in 2008 started her business, then called Samantha Nowak Illustrations. For five years she was at the Kansas City Renaissance festival selling her original art, but in 2015 she sold her booth, moved 800 miles south, and changed her business name to Samantha Jean Illustrations, LLC.

Past freelance work includes character design, illustration children’s books, novel and comic covers, and paintings for clients. She also creates her own original artwork and puts it on various products, prints, magnets, postcards, etc, to sell. There are two sides to her original art. One vein in the realm of fantasy and mythology where fairies, dragons, mermaids, and goddesses of old rule. And the other is original artwork for children, cute adorable creatures and characters they can display proudly in their room as name signs for everyone to see.

In late 2015 Samantha started creating coloring pages, and has a monthly coloring pages subscription through her Patreon page (along with lots of other goodies). She hopes one day that Patreon can also be a plate form to showcase her originals stories and comics. Someday.

Currently Samantha resides in northern California with her husband, and furry and feathered family members. While creating artwork she loves listening to a wide range of music. She is also rather obsessive about the 1990s cartoon series Gargoyles, and most things related to Disney and Pixar. Especially if it pertains to Aladdin. In her free time she enjoys exercising, reading, and a bit of light gaming.